Microsoft Power BI

Our inventory platform combines enterprise features with modern innovations such as Microsoft Power BI data visualization tools that allow for custom reporting and analytics.

Analyze Data and Share Insights on Any Device

Power BI dashboards provide a 360-degree view of key performance indicators (KPIs) in one place, updated in real time, and available on all Android, iPhone devices, and from your web browser.

With one click, users can explore and redesign the data behind their dashboards using intuitive tools that make finding answers easy. Looking to see warehouse performance using Microsoft Power BI? Contact us now!

Interactive Visualizations and Business Intelligence Capabilities

WithoutWire has harnessed this power for providing world-class business intelligence within our inventory management solution. Sitting on Microsoft Azure, Power BI adds a level of business intelligence without equal.

Analyze Your Entire Customer Experience from Start to Finish

WithoutWire is one of the only warehouse management solutions to embed Microsoft Power BI. By doing so, companies using Microsoft’s data analytics platform can customize and blend data from multiple data sources including WithoutWire. Build dashboard widgets to support views into lot and serial tracked items. With Power BI, you can analyze your entire customer experience from start to finish.

Operate in the now. The right data analytics for your inventory.

Microsoft Power BI is a modern approach to operational visibility. The technology includes all the tools you need to visualize where you inventory opportunities exist.

The inventory platform for anywhere.

Whether you’re a global logistics provider, large retailer, or managing large scale disaster relief supplies, speed and agility to move goods no matter what the conditions are, is paramount.