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Deleting Pick Requests

Deleting Pick Requests from the Web Console

This function is used to delete an order from the system that has not been picked or has been picked and is in the staging bin for shipping.

  1. Enter the order number you wish to delete in the Order Number field
  2. Here you will see a summary of the order for confirmation.
  3. At this point there are two options:a. If you do not want this order to be picked, delete the order and do not reimport it from the ERP system. If you need to make any changes to the order, do so in the ERP system. Then check the Re-Import Order Checkbox.
  4. Next click on the Delete button
  5. If the order was picked and in staging, the items that were picked will be released from the order and left in the staging bin on the LP it was picked to. At this point if you checked the reimport box the order will come back to WithoutWire from the ERP system via integration.
  6. After reassigning the reimported order to a user, they will be able to re-pick the order by scanning the LP from staging if all the items still exist on the order.

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