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Wave Sets

What is a Wave Set?

Wave sets are used for two scenarios:

  • Consolidated Picks:  This is a fulfillment method to optimize labor by consolidating multiple pick requests or order picks into 1 wave set.  For example, it may be useful when you have 50 orders all for the same part going to different customers.  You can create a waveset from the web console and pick them as one pick.  Reference the video from the quick start series on creating wave sets manually.
  • QA Checks:  Wave sets allow for QA processing of picks.  You can setup auto-creation of wavesets which allows for a pick to occur and upon completion an operator would be required to re-scan all the picks before completion of processing.You can auto create QA Check wave sets by setting the configuration “AutoCreateWaveSetPerOrder” by creating a support request via the support console.  In your request, please include the order types you would like to include in wave set generation.  For example, “SO” is the most common order type.  Once support sets this flag, a wave set will be automatically created from orders coming in via Data Setup Tools import, or an API call.

Picking Flow for Wave Sets


The chart above is the flow for wave sets. There are a number of configurations specific to wave sets.

  • Enable Wave Set Orders: Allows users to create wave sets for picking. A wave set is the ability to combine multiple orders into a single work set, to implement a QA process or pick and pack scenario in the warehouse.
  • Wave Set Post Pick Action:
    • Auto Allocation: The inventory picked during the wave set pick will be allocated against the child orders automatically upon completion of the wave pick. This setting is most often used when picking multiple orders with similar items and shorting picks is rare and there is no need for separation at the point of shipping.
      NOTE:  If the wave set is short picked, child orders that are NEWEST to WithoutWire are shorted first when using auto allocation.
    • Two Step Pick: Identifies that when the wave set is complete it will be staged and then each child order will have to be picked individually. Most often used for either QA or pick and pack processes.
  • Auto-Assign Child Orders: This option is only available when the Wave Set post pick Action is set to “Two Step Pick”. Then checked the child orders that make up the wave set will be automatically assigned once the wave set order is complete.

To learn about picking refer to the Outbound Overview page.