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Web Console Pick Request/Return Tools

Pick requests can come into WithoutWire through CSV upload on the Data Setup Tools page, through API integration, or through ERP integration running on an integration schedule.

Please note that shipping an order in WithoutWire means to relieve inventory. If your warehouse has a third party shipping application the shipping process will still need to occur outside of WithoutWire, unless you have configured your system to be compatible with Fed Ex, UPS, or ABF. Contact Appolis for more information.

ERP integration customers only: If an order is edited or deleted in the ERP system, ERP integration will pick that up when it runs based on your schedule. However, we understand that life happens and you may need to help this process along.  The Pick Request/Return Tools functions allow administrators to make modifications to the system involving your pick requests. It is important to note that if you are using a third party ERP system, the ERP system will maintain all order information so pick requests should be updated there. Once they are updated, the Pick Requests/Returns Tools will allow the changes to come in via integration.

While we encourage handheld users to do the primary functions with your inventory, sometimes mistakes will need to be remedied. Under Pick Request/Return Tools, management has the ability to fulfill, delete, and ship orders.