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Features for WithoutWire V7

Version 7, released April 2015, includes enhancements to many areas of the application. New capabilities include:

System Features:

  • Improved support for Expiration Dates – WithoutWire now supports two different types of expiration date tracking with the ability to auto generate expiration dates based on receiving date and shelf life per item.
  • Support for Shelf Life for Outbound Operations – WithoutWire can warn or disallow picking of items that are outside of a required shelf life.
  • International FedEx – WithoutWire support international shipments with FedEx.
  • New Web and Rugged UI – The application look and feel has been improved to provide a more streamlined navigation model and modern look.
  • Support for Barcode Acquisition for iOS – We have added the ability to dynamically add new manufacturing barcodes and map them to existing items for faster scanning without re-labeling items.
  • GS1 Barcode Support – For Vendors that are using GS1-128 labels on their received items, we can utilize these barcodes for rapid data collection of lot numbers, expiration dates, and quantities.
  • Ability to do Physical Inventory on iOS – Now you can use the iOS devices to perform physical inventory using the iOS device.
  • Multi-Scan for Picking – Picking can now be configured to require scanning every item on the pick list quantity. If the quantity for a pick is 10, the operator will be required to scan 10 times. The feature is useful for high value items.
  • Rapid Add Item for Receiving – Receiving multiple lots against 1 PO line has been improved for speed.
  • Directed Put Away Support on iOS – Now users can see a list of locations for put away with the ability to override locations.
  • Added Require Scanning at Receiving for iOS Configuration – A configuration has been added that allows an item to be scanned during receiving in order to generate receipts.
  • Comments available for Inventory Adjustments on iOS – Comments can now be added during inventory adjustments for reporting requirements.
  • Configuration Added to Change Quantity Default for Receiving – For customers that do not want to default receiving quantity to the quantity on the PO, we have added a new configuration that will force the user to enter a quantity instead of default it.

System Features for Dynamics GP Integrations:

  • Vendor Returns – Now vendor returns can be generated from the Web Console by selecting a Vendor Return movement type in inventory adjustment with GP integration to the Vendor Returns module.