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New Features for WithoutWire V9.5

WithoutWire V9.5 continues to build on our unique warehouse management system.  We provide our customers and prospects the ability to create their own system in minutes, not days, not weeks, not months.

V9.5 builds on our platform to help medical and pharmaceutical companies meet compliance and regulatory requirements around traceability.  In addition, manufacturing is now front and center on iOS and Android apps. This feature list is inclusive of all new  features found in V9.5.


Enhanced Features

  • Custom Attribute Enhancements – Adding attributes and attribute values is easier and more robust. Users can add attributes at an item and global level through the mobile device or web manager. This additional level of traceability can be a game changer for data analysis when using reports in our library.
  • Cross Site Moves – Moving inventory from site-to-site is now even easier. Users can select bins located in other sites to quickly move and automatically create transfer orders in the WithoutWire syste,. These movements can be effectively tracked through our inbound and outbound consoles as well as reports in our web manager.
  • Inventory Hold – Putting inventory on hold is now more descriptive. Users can now add customized descriptions for individual hold statuses and provide the ability to create default descriptions through the web console.
  • Bin and License Plate Character Length – We have given users the ability increase their bin and LP character length from 10 to 50.
  • Date Format – The system can now recognize multiple formats when entering standard dates on the mobile and web console.
  • New Version Notification – Users will see a notification in the menu of their mobile device when a new version of the application is available to download.
  • Main Screen Scan Enhancements – Users can see an item’s primary and secondary locations and if an item is on hold with a visual indicator.
  • Auto Generate License Plate – The move screen has been updated to allow the creation of a License Plate. 

New Integration

  • ERP Integration – A number of methods have been added or enhanced to increase the ability of data integration and automation.