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Featured Podcast: Ways to Help Your Inventory Team Improve Using Digital Technologies


Inventory teams must ensure the accuracy of their information is correct and that they can adequately keep inventory in stock when it’s needed. Digital technologies, while a broad category of solutions, can make a positive impact. Listen to Travis Smith, CTO of WithoutWire discuss how various digital tech like artificial intelligence, barcoding, logging, and more can improve the overall impact of your inventory team.

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Future-Proof Your Warehouse Management and ERP Integration
A future proof supply chain strategy built on Microsoft Dynamics requires an inventory platform. It focuses on fulfilling orders fast and accurately, connecting with suppliers when disruption strikes and giving customers and employees the capability for inventory management anywhere.
Today, many companies are considering moving from cloud-based ERPs to cloud based applications. There lots to consider in a shift like this, so make sure integration is not one of them. Whether you are considering sticking with Dynamics GP or moving to a cloud system like Business Central or NetSuite WithoutWire and eOne have you covered.

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Podcast Archive

Why Barcode Strategies are Still Worth Consideration

Barcodes have been around for decades. Discover how they are still relevant in modern inventory management systems as Travis Smith, CTO/Founder of WithoutWire discusses barcode strategy with today’s technology.

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Ways to Optimize Those Complicated Site Transfers

Moving and requesting inventory from one location to another. Sounds basic, right? When you’re talking about transfers, the main things that come to mind are the source and the destination. Discover all the layers involved from the labor, the truck, the data, the devices, and how to optimize them with our latest podcast by our resident inventory expert and founder, Travis Smith.


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Preparing for Worst-Case Scenarios

How important is it to meet the expectations of a promised ship date? Sending product off to vendors with promised ship dates can illustrate confidence in your ability to respond, but what happens if you miss the mark? Travis Smith, CTO/Founder of WithoutWire, discusses how to prepare for worst-case scenarios and set yourself up to fulfill orders in all scenarios good and bad.

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What We Can Learn From Amazon’s Supply Chain

The behemoth supply chains of companies like Amazon are a relatively new reality in inventory management. Despite the size differences, there is a lot to be learned from how the industry giants approach supply chain management from artificial intelligence, optimization, data analytics, and more.

Travis Smith, CTO/Founder of WithoutWire, discusses key success factors in Amazon’s supply chain and what aspects can make an impact in a smaller operation.

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Sometimes Paper is Better.

In this day and age you don’t expect an industry leader in inventory solutions to say that sometimes paper is better, yet here we are.

We know that it has been a while since we’ve reached out to our valued subscribers; we’ve been developing some new innovations and great content like this podcast series from our founder, and inventory expert, Travis Smith. So keep your eyes on your inbox where you’ll receive new, and relevant content every few weeks.

To kick off our series, listen to Travis cover the legacy of paper in our industry. Discover the right balance of paper processes and software solutions, and explore ways that you can even integrate the traditional ways with technology. 

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