WithoutWire and WilloWare Press Release

WithoutWire and WilloWare Press Release

WithoutWire and WilloWare extend their 3-year partnership to include greater visibility to WIP inventory which in turn greatly improves materials (MRP) planning!

October 10, 2017: #MYSDYNGP #GPUGSUMMIT Nashville, TN. Minneapolis, MN based, WithoutWire Inventory Sciences and Wapella, IL based, WilloWare are happy to announce an exciting new GP Manufacturing software release!

The newest MO Generator product release V12.0.71 / 14.0.46 / 16.0.24, in conjunction with WithoutWire version 9 software, adds the ability to GP Manufacturing Clients to transfer inventory into WIP.  For long running manufacturing processes, inventory can now be consumed by the MO (Manufacturing Order) at the moment it is pulled from stock.
There are several benefits to this product enhancement:

  • On Hand inventory in GP now accurately reflects your physical inventory
  • The MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) can immediately detect inventory shortages
  • Since the material in WIP (Work in Process) resides in a dedicated WIP Site, it is possible to cycle count WIP inventory

“Real-time accuracy has always been a hallmark of WithoutWire Inventory Sciences, due to the increased accuracy and business decision making capabilities it offers our WithoutWire Clients,” states Travis Smith, CTO of WithoutWire, “and now we have driven these real-time capabilities deep within the GP Manufacturing process!”

According to Brenner Klenzman, CEO of WilloWare, “this product enhancement takes GP manufacturing mobile automation to a whole new level. The need to eliminate paper and duplicate data entry has long attracted us to the WithoutWire WMS capabilities.”

About WilloWare

WilloWare Inc. is a firm dedicated to helping businesses achieve a positive Return on Investment using Microsoft Dynamics GP. This is done by providing unique products that help users be more efficient, and by partnering with you to create client specific enhancements that streamline business activities.

WilloWare has hands-on experience implementing Dynamics GP in a wide range of industries, with a particular focus and expertise in complex, manufacturing environments. This hands-on experience provides the ability to be a resource to you in both custom solutions and product modules. WilloWare understands more than just the development toolkit, and knows how users work in Dynamics GP and business.  There are thousands of small decisions that are made when writing software that cannot be captured in a design specification, but are done correctly when the developer is experienced with both the toolset and the ERP application
The WilloWare Inc. software design philosophy is clear: Make It Simple & Make It Work.


About WithoutWire
WithoutWire™ Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) provides efficient inventory and process optimization for distribution and manufacturing organizations looking for more robust lot tracked traceability of inventory. WithoutWire provides control to the movement and storage of materials received into, moved within, and shipped out of your warehouse. WithoutWire Warehouse tracks the process associated with transactions, and provides real-time web-based visibility of your inventory. WithoutWire will increase productivity and customer satisfaction, while reducing costs and order fulfillment times to allow optimal decision making.