Without question, WithoutWire Compatibility works on the right device for whatever the job.

And on top of that, we’re accelerating our movements into the devices of everyday life, like smartphones and tablets. If it’s already a part of life, it’s a simple, easy step to make it a part of work through WithoutWire compatibility options.

Rugged Handhelds and Forklift Mounted Tablets
With new innovations from Honeywell and Zebra, rugged devices are the most powerful scanning devices in rugged environments on the planet.  They can withstand the most brutal abuse on the job.  Since processing power and user experience are key, Android and iOS tablets can be mounted to forklifts and paired with Bluetooth scanners for a modern approach to inventory operations.

Consumer Phones are a great choice for outside of the four walls of a warehouse or manufacturing plant. Android and iPhones can also be great for management oversight and for fast visibility to inventory anytime. Temporary labor or volunteer activities are also a great fit for consumer phones.

Consumer Tablets are low cost options best suited for mounting on carts, forklifts, or pallet jacks. They are almost always Bluetooth paired to a scanner. Consumer tablets are mounted using industrial cases for protection and in some cases tied to the battery on forklifts and pallet jacks.

In this industry, & fast-paced environment, WithoutWire’s Compatibility plays nice with everyone.

The power and flexibility of collaboration and cooperation allows for benefits like usage-based storage and compute services, unlimited access, unmatched security, active directory authentication and industry-leading compliance capabilities.