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Since 1932, Stahmanns Pecans has consistently supplied quality bulk pecans for re-bagging, as well as pecans for commercial and industrial markets. Located on a lush 3,200-acre oasis in a southern New Mexico desert, Stahmanns’ pecan tree orchard consists of over 168,000 pecan trees that produce eight to nine million pounds of pecans each year. Read more about inventory management from WithoutWire.
As one of the largest growers and pecan distributors in the world, Stahmanns has used state-of-the-art equipment and modern farming techniques to yield the highest quality bulk pecans for over 80 years. As growers, Stahmanns understands the importance of quality through Silliker global food safety and quality management programs. Silliker is a privately-owned company, part of the Mérieux-Alliance group. With locations serving clients worldwide, Silliker is the leading internationally accredited food testing and consulting network.

Stahmanns also provides Star-K kosher-certified pecans suitable for all dietary needs. This Mesilla Valley family-owned, environmentally friendly pecan farm takes care of all aspects of production on the farm, from harvesting to packing and shipping. With modern pecan shelling plant onsite, pecans are accurately tracked in WithoutWire from tree to table.

Jesus Caro Mireles, Senior Systems and Data Analyst at Stahmanns was experiencing fragmentation between sales order processing and inventory management systems. The company’s previous system did not have an intuitive method of placing inventory holds, or adding hold types, such as a quality hold for better inventory control.

The old system offered no support for printing automated shipping reports once picking was completed. Mireles shared that various potential solutions were considered, but none as robust as WithoutWire. The other options lacked the features desired out of the box.

WithoutWire was considered the best solution because it offered License Plate (LP) barcoding of each pallets items/loT/expiration and quantity to enable efficient and accurate tracking throughout Stahmanns’ supply chain.

Additionally, WithoutWire allowed multiple employees to interact with its web console in different capacities, such as accessing the WithoutWire catalog of base real-time reports, printing shipment documentation, reviewing cycle counts, and tracing raw, finished and packaging materials. Finally, its certified list of iOS and Android rugged and semi-rugged device options, built ergonomically for forklift long range scanning with the mobile app that is as easy to use as a smartphone made this an easy choice.

Stahmanns went live using WithoutWire in less than three months delivering a rapid return on investment. Some of the immediate and short-term benefits realized included increased transparency between the sales department and warehouse personnel, with a faster turnaround time between sales orders and fulfillment.
Mireles noted that the company is now able to easily garner fulfillment and production KPIs using Microsoft Power BI embedded dashboards and data from WithoutWire. He added that the integration with GP, allowed new product or customer data to be automatically transferred to WithoutWire.

Operationally what has shifted most at Stahmanns Pecan is that clerical work such as documentation, data entry and drafting and printing pick tickets have been automated by WithoutWire. The ability to automatically implement a FIFO scheme means less time is spent trying to track down the proper lots, and more time physically picking them.