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With hundreds of thousands of orders piling up, GearLaunch selects WithoutWire as the best solution to improve their inventory operations.
The solution we selected before WithoutWire was ‘fine’ for what it was built for. But it wasn’t built to manage very complex scenarios and lots of moving parts. We ran into a lot of issues. Just having the visibility WithoutWire gives us in to our inventory makes everything so much easier to track.
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About GearLaunch

GearLaunch is an eCommerce marketplace that empowers sellers and designers from across the globe to sell merchandise. They remove the headaches of managing inventory supply chain, logistics, payment processing, and customer service. Whether for individuals or businesses, GearLaunch sets up their customers with an online marketplace to sell their own branded/designed merchandise directly to consumers.

GearLaunch offers the largest catalog of print-on-demand products, dependable fulfillment, industry-leading customer service for customers and clients in a B2B2C environment. Selling print-on-demand products with GearLaunch means businesses and individuals can start their new business or side hustle with no inventory investment, less risk, and a clearer path toward success.

One of the hardest parts about starting a business is the constant struggle of inventory management. It’s expensive, difficult to forecast, and risky. With GearLaunch (now powered by WithoutWire Inventory Sciences), customers never have to worry about that again. With their wide selection of the highest-quality print-on-demand products, you can easily monetize your creative ideas the way you want.

Choosing WithoutWire

The old inventory management solution was ‘fine’ for what it was built for. It quickly became evident that there were a lot of limitations to many solutions in the marketplace – primarily when dealing with complex inventory scenarios like high-volume SKUs, real-time inventory visibility, a single-source of inventory truth, and overall operational efficiencies.

GearLaunch had been tracking items on spreadsheets and manually counting stock by hand as a result of the previous WMS shortcomings. It didn’t take long to realize that they’d outgrown their existing software solution and needed something better – enter WithoutWire.

“Just having visibility into what our inventory looks like when we receive items, put in a back order, or have [stock] in a trailer or shelf for later has been a game changer. We didn’t have a way to differentiate any of this before WithoutWire.”
Since implementing WithoutWire at GearLaunch, Jared Hunsaker notes that his time as the VP of Operations has been given much more breathing room to focus on the big picture to move the business forward. He’s less involved in the fine details and is no longer being drawn in to issues relating to a mismatched inventory solution. “There’s no need to get into the weeds because we’re running out of stock. There’s no more issue with backlog and missing fulfillment requirements.”
The WithoutWire Inventory Platform has impacted more than just the inventory visibility issues, it has also been a game changer for GearLaunch accounts payable and receivable reducing time spent entering information from three hours down to five minutes. Jared remarked that it was the confidence in our ability to handle everything from big box retailers to smaller operations without losing sight of how critical it is to have a simple and streamlined experience that made WithoutWire an ideal solution for them.
There is one area of GearLaunch that experienced an increase in time spent on process – the manufacturing floor. WithoutWire actually slowed down their existing picking process.
Before WithoutWire, the manufacturing operations worked off generic printouts of barcodes. There was no visibility into where items are actually located or how and when they can be retrieved. The “speed” of their old process came at a high price – it directly fueled the issues of backlogs and surprise out-of-stock issues. So while WithoutWire added time to this process by forcing operations to run the way it is supposed to, the trade off for the business at large has been overwhelmingly positive (especially as manufacturing staff become more proficient with the improved way of doing things).

“Everything WithoutWire said they could do, they did. They’ve been very responsive. Extremely helpful.”