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Beverage, Wine & Spirits: Pick, Count, Barcode and UOM

With high inventory turnover, managing your beverage warehouse is imperative.

​WithoutWire technology includes all the tools you need to visualize where your inventory opportunities and weaknesses exist. You have the ability to review operational efficiency in vendor shipments, enable high-speed picking, track who your most efficient pickers are, and determine where you should place scarce resources.
  • Pick: Wave pick bottles, cases and fast flow to routes.
  • Count: ABC cycle count allows for inventory accuracy.
  • Barcode: Through the use of our barcode and wireless enabled solution, you are able to scan UPC barcodes for tracking from receiving to shipment, which improves operations, accuracy and picking efficiency throughout your process.
  • UOM: Unit of measure support for optimal bottle, case and pallet movement.
Take Control of Your Stock with Vintage and Lot Tracking

Accurate vintage and lot tracking can be difficult to implement and manage.

Paper tracking and data entry is labor intensive. Let your Inventory Platform handle it.​
  • Pick bottles, odd cases, and fast-flow through seamless wave picking.
  • Reverse-stop route loading efficiency frees up dock space for your next delivery.
  • Quickly identify under-stocked or overstocked items and automate replenishment and distribution through our FIFO driven pick logic
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Improve Beverage, Wine & Spirits Operations, Accuracy and Picking

Meet industry challenges with an innovative solution.

WithoutWire gives real-time insights into better managing operations.
  • Improve picking productivity with route-based and label-based picking procedures.
  • Eliminate manual entry, paper and printing.
  • Increase pick rates and reduce data-entry errors with a solution available on mobile devices, tablets and scanners.
  • Improve operations and reporting with custom data and analytics for tracking.
  • Full license plate support.
Embedded with Microsoft Power BI

Customize and blend data from multiple data points.

Microsoft Power BI is a modern approach to operational visibility offering a suite of business analytics tools for analyzing data and sharing insights. WithoutWire, as a leading warehouse management solution for wine and spirit wholesalers, embeds Microsoft Power BI, for a 360-degree view of key performance indicators (KPIs) in one place, updated in real time, and available from your web browser.

Let's talk about how WithoutWire can help you rethink inventory.