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Formulation, Production and Packaging Simplified

End-to-end process integration from material to final product.

​Quality management has become critical in the bio-medical and pharmaceutical industry. In a heavily regulated industry, cost management and planning is crucial. WithoutWire provides an automated and configurable solution with complete supply chain visibility. Prevent liability from expired goods or products and manage optimal inventory levels in real-time.
  • Seamless connections to supplemental services in your supply chain, including ERP systems, formulation applications, pricing integrations.
  • Easy to use manufacturing work-flows covering job-based, jobless, and kitting configurations.
  • Simple activation of LPs at the end of manufacturing and production runs making the moves of larger quantities and order fulfillments more efficient.
  • Real-time SQL Reporting Services connections giving visibility to component levels, future inbound materials, and upcoming demand of goods.
Tracking & Compliance for Industry Regulations

Easily adhere to Bio-Medical and Pharmaceutical inventory tracking and production regulations.

WithoutWire’s tracking and reporting capabilities make adhering to industry best practices a breeze. With built-in configurations to handle unique and dynamic workflows, you can set up your system to reduce bottlenecks while maintaining compliance.
  • Integrated attributes for both serialized and lot components, as well as finished products.
  • Inventory History reports to track where and when materials and goods were received, moved, manufactured, adjusted, or out the door.
  • Stock and customizable reports like recall reporting to identify and locate compromised product.
  • In-App Signature prompts to comply with varying Codes of Federal Regulations if required.​
Improve Bio-Medical and Pharmaceutical Accuracy and Tracking

Custom attributes for inspection and rapid receiving.

Ensuring the safety and quality of bio-medical and pharmaceutical products are crucial for accurate inventory management.
  • Lot and expiration tracking.
  • Automated QA holds.
  • Require full receiving process flow or easily apply single scan license plate scans.
  • Seamlessly switch among UOM to receive, move, adjust, or pick materials and goods accurately.
  • ​Individual and integrated WIP bins to track items on the move.
Custom Support for Lot Numbers

Vendor and Internally generated lot numbers are easy to manage.

Cohesive lot tracking capabilities can not only group specific runs of goods, but it can also create synergies within your inbound operations and maintain tracked connections to inter-site production and shipments.
  • Utilize GS1 barcode rapid receiving technology to populate consistent item numbers and associated lots with a single scan.
  • Generate customizable lot numbers during receiving and production to track defects, recalls, or special runs.
  • Simple search by lot name, number or partial text on your handheld to locate one-off searches with ease.

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