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Modernize distribution processes with real-time tracking movement of goods.

Our integrated platform allows for fast & efficient fulfillment and provides tracking & delivery of goods to multiple locations.

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EDI, ASN, & Shipment Tracking for Improving Omni-Channel Operations

In a complex industry, everything from inventory to traceability is crucial for driving efficiency.

Optimize delivery and receiving process to reduce errors for more inventory control. Well-organized delivery and receiving procedures are essential to maintaining accurate inventory counts.
  • Inbound and Outbound Orders from e-commerce or EDI transmissions to the ERP to WithoutWire for fulfillment (pick/pack/ship).
  • Generate UCC128 package labels for easy identification upon customer receipt.
  • Serialized Shipping Container Code (SSCC) matching with fulfillment and shipment tracking to your ERP for rapid invoicing.
  • ASN (advanced ship notice) information to be processed through EDI to your Big Box trading partners.
  • Supply chain managed digitally through our mobile technology eliminates paper, spreadsheets, data entry and lost inventory.
Pick, Pack & Ship. Optimized to Fit Your Supply Chain Needs.

Fulfillment options with flexibility to meet your customer demand.

WithoutWire’s fully integrated platform allows for lot traceability from manufacturing to finished goods.
  • Pick cases and pallets in various zones by separate users for faster parallel picks.
  • Combine sets of picks into one wave set with options to auto-ship or move to packing with secondary QA check.
  • Automatically assign license plates during picks for optimal staging, packing, shipping, and site transfer receipts.
  • There are over 30 picking configurations to help you work more efficiently.
  • Ability to add hold status for short pick, unpick cancelled orders, or partially stage picks. 
  • Manually or auto-assign orders in round robin fashion.
  • Automatically distribute order picks with routes in reverse stop order.
  • FEFO, FIFO, primary pick, or hybrid models
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Distribution Process Control & Operational Transparency

Real-time data and optimization of process flow.

You could say we’ve mastered the art of site transfers.

  • Site transfers come in many flavors. They are generated by user requests, API integrations, or min/max replenishments.
  • Support single scan license plate scans, or require full receiving processes.
  • Handle QA hold and over receiving automatically.
  • In-Transit locations can be used to track inventory in process.
  • Combine multiple replenishment transfers into a single pick and receipt.
  • Full license plate support.
Optimize Distribution to Reduce Picking Time.

License plates bring efficiency in movement and process.

The concept behind license plates starts with the idea of a collection.  If you can track a collection using a serialized identifier (license plate number), then you can use a single scan for movements and transactions against a collection of inventory.  

  • Options for pre-printed License Plates or print during an operation on the floor for additional label capabilities.
  • Multiple LP holds for efficient hold management.
  • Supports nested LPs.
  • Translate license plates into UCC128 data for ASN shipping.
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