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Bring Unique Challenges to Inventory Management

Complying with strict regulations is now easier.

Satisfying regulatory requirements allows for reduction in time and cost with the capability to improve compliance and enhance transparency in the Oil & Chemical industry. Improve compliance with the following key features from WithoutWire:

  • Utilize our shelf life attributes to auto apply expiration dates to any finished product.
  • Customize required information into attributes that will automatically capture any data.
  • Prepare manufacturing jobs by leveraging pick functionality to get the right quantities of raw materials at the right time.
  • Utilize customizable replenishment levels to keep common items for manufacturing readily available.
  • Require lot scans or utilize FIFO to mark items as continuous flow before production begins.
  • Leverage license plate barcodes to reduce labeling for item numbers, lots, expiration dates or serial numbers.
License Plate & Certificates of Authentication Labels

Label your HAZ-MAT materials with a variety of options.

Limited labor will always pose a challenge, why not optimize your resources to keep you growing into the future. Picking is the most important process in inventory processing science. The outbound side of the business is not only where companies generate the most profit, it’s also where they spend the most in labor.

  • Separate HAZ-MAT products by breaking your warehouse into zones of similar product.
  • Utilize wave sets to pick several orders at once or pick single orders.
  • Configure picks to auto-ship or auto-stage in a designated area for QA checks prior to shipping.
  • Assign license plates automatically to efficiently bring you through the stage, pack, and ship process.
  • Over 30 customizable picking configurations.
  • Short, unpick, cancel, or partial pick orders while using a variety of hold statuses.
  • Assign orders one by one or auto-assign orders to all available pickers.
  • Efficiently pick orders using routes that will automatically show loading in reverse stop order.
  • FEFO, FIFO, primary pick, or hybrid models.
Real-time UOM Conversions from KG to LBS

Multiple UOM capabilities allow for accurate tracking.

For many, the timing of movements for raw materials to manufacturing staging is a big part of high performance. To accomplish this, we provide you a collection of tools to keep things flowing.

  • View raw materials from the kitting and manufacturing screens.
  • Create jobs to auto generate picks that will directly stage raw materials to manufacturing locations.
  • Manual bin moves can reduce frustration for even the most complex moves to keep production moving forward.
  • Using MIN/MAX replenishments you’ll never again worry about running out of a critical component.
Over Receiving and Over Picking in Multiple UOM

Custom reporting and inventory for all chemicals.

Often the requirement to lot track drives manufacturers to incur much more cost than they anticipate. The best way to deal with it is to intelligently manage the process. This is done by avoiding additional labeling during receiving and finished good creation. On the receiving side, leveraging vendor or manufacturer barcodes coming in the door. If that’s not possible, license plate barcodes can be used to meet the traceability requirement without labeling each case or component.

When it comes to finished goods, license plates and item + lot barcodes are both options that cut down scans. If you’re creating goods with an expiration date, we can automatically set the expiration date if you have item level shelf life settings. Proper planning along with smart item tracking can be the difference between making or losing money.

  • Automatically manage shelf life settings with auto generated dates upon receiving and production.
  • Leverage GS1 barcode to rapidly collect lot or expiration dates during receiving.
  • Reduce labeling and excess scans by utilizing license plates to hold key data.

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