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Combat Medical

Combat Medical finds partner in WithoutWire's intuitive interface and real-time efficiency.
With products that not only require extreme accuracy in picking alongside FDA requirements, Combat Medical chose The Inventory Platform as an out-of-the-box solution that will grow with them.

Once we learned we could use smartphones and tablets paired with bluetooth rapid scanners, we were excited to increase the speed and accuracy of our performance.

Combat Medical Logo

About Combat Medical

​Combat Medical was founded in February of 2008 as a team of experienced military and law enforcement medics, program managers and researchers who have extensive experience in tactical medicine. As a company, they understand the power of innovation and how it can simplify tactical medicine in order to save lives. Together with industry partners, Combat Medical Is united by a vision to contribute to the success of medics and the advancement of combat medicine every day. They develop and deliver mission critical products that simplify tactical medicine from the point of injury through evacuation. Combat Medical is an FDA registered establishment and offers medical device manufacturing and packaging services in an FDA inspected, GMP production environment.

Choosing WithoutWire

With the constant need to innovate and improve processes as an FDA regulated establishment, Combat Medical were looking for an inventory management solution that featured easy-to-use software and out-of-the-box efficacy. As a growing company, they had a short deadline for product Implementation, but understood the need for a scalable solution that would integrate well across the Microsoft suite of products.
Barcoding standards and traceability requirements for medical equipment are complex, and ever-changing. Combat Medical realized the need for an intuitive, single-scan solution was necessary to grow their business the way they wanted, and continue In the pursuit of providing the best emergency medical equipment available.
“Manual Input of all Inventory transactions was time-consuming…new barcoding standards, enhanced traceability and our expected business growth made this the ideal time to implement WithoutWire.”-Derrick Hodges, Director of Operations, Combat Medical.
The decision to Implement WithoutWire was heavily Influenced by technological advancement: “Once we learned we could use smartphones and tablets paired with bluetooth rapid scanners, we were excited to Increase the speed and accuracy of our performance.”. -Jordan Shugart, Warehouse Lead, Combat Medical.
The need for a system that worked simply, but had the potential for robust applications came from a desire to increase production Immediately, but avoid getting stuck with a system that might become outdated, or wasn’t focused on integration with ERP and IMS systems.
The goal of the project was, through implementation to develop a system where the web console serves as their digital dashboard for their warehouse, active/inactive picking, receiving, and cycle counts. The WithoutWire Inventory Platform met project specs, and Increased accountability and efficiency almost immediately, with little to no down-time during Implementation.