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Device Options

Our device selections are unique in the industry.  When outside the four walls becomes the norm for your business, flexibility is a must.  Whether it’s iOS or Android, you don’t have to choose one or the other.

Device with software loaded

Rugged Handhelds and Forklift Mounted Tablets

With new innovations from Honeywell and Zebra, rugged devices are the most powerful scanning devices for all environments. They can withstand the most brutal abuse on the job.  
Android tablets can be mounted to forklifts and paired with Bluetooth scanners for a modern approach to inventory operations. 
Great for: 
Distribution Centers, Manufacturing Facilities, Field Service Depots

Consumer Phones

Consumer Phones are a great choice for field service techs, backup redundancy strategies, management access, and temporary worker scenarios.    
Android and iPhones can also be great for management oversight and for fast visibility to inventory anytime. Temporary labor or volunteer activities are also a great fit for consumer phones. 
Great for: 
Distribution Centers, Grocery Stores, Manufacturing Facilities, Field Service Depots 

Consumer Tablets

Consumer Tablets are low cost options best suited for mounting on carts, forklifts, or pallet jacks. They are almost always Bluetooth paired to a scanner. Consumer tablets are mounted using industrial cases for protection and in some cases tied to the battery on forklifts and pallet jacks. 

Handheld Mobile Computers

Handheld mobile computers from Zebra and Honeywell are a great choice for outside of the four walls of a warehouse such as in retail and grocery environments. 
Great for: 
Retail Centers, Grocery Stores, Field Service Depots 

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