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Complex field service doesn't have to be complicated.

Insight into techs, warehouses, and neighboring sources makes for happy customers

Using their mobile device, field service technicians keep their inventory updated so everyone in the ecosystem can review their part inventory. If they need a part, warehouse operators can be notified on their device immediately for fast delivery or pick up. Once a part is in the possession of the tech, inventory is automatically tracked to that tech location. Techs can do lookups from the main screen of the app by either searching by item description, item number, or scanning an item.
  • We support single scan receipt of parts using our intelligent license plates.
  • We support full receiving with scanning in the field for critical part tracking.
  • Field replenishments can be triggered by external API calls, requests by a tech, or auto-replenishment levels managed through MIN/MAX settings.
  • A typical process to move parts from a warehouse to a tech can see a 77% reduction in barcode scans using WithoutWire optimizations.
Techs are able to report consumed and damaged parts, track returns and transfers, and improve overall visibility of their job. Your customers receive accurate visibility of serial/lot numbers using built in validation. Using a mobile device, improve accuracy, tracking, and real-time visibility of your service job.

We'll guide you through the process

Let’s start with a quick chat. We have representatives standing by to answer your questions listen to your inventory story. We’ll go over our solutions and how they relate to your specific situation. WithoutWire is a robust solution for field service, distribution, and manufacturing. Does your story go beyond complex field service needs?

Are your field techs spending a lot of time reconciling inventory?

WithoutWire embeds powerful functionality right in to Microsoft Field Service - giving your field techs a single-source of inventory truth. Eliminate WMS/ERP red tape on day one. Your field techs are paid to do their jobs, not to go on a wild goose chase to find out which system has the most accurate inventory data.

Are you looking to improve your cashflow problems?

If your current setup is causing unnecessary delays in your cash flow, it's time to make a change. WithoutWire ​ WithoutWire provides real time inventory tracking. We aim to provide customers with better cash-flow within thirty days.

Find out what real-time inventory truth can do for you.

​Our new one-scan functionality within Field Service changes the game. Scans now show the complete list of parts available in real-time and updates our WMS as well as all related work orders. Game changed.

Let's talk about how WithoutWire can help you rethink inventory.