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Launching a new, mission-critical inventory platform in your company may seem intimidating, that’s why we’re here, with a full team of experts to lead you through a proven process to get you up and running in your new solution as soon as possible. Lead by an Engagement Manager (EM/PC) – your dedicated project and product expert. 

Your WithoutWire project team includes a Business Analyst, Sr. Architect, Lead Developer, and a QA Specialist.  This engagement will include project management, consulting & scoping services, configuration services, user acceptance testing (UAT) support and preparation for Go-Live. 
From Kick-off to Hyper-care, a WithoutWire crew works hand-and-glove with your internal team across five stages of solution implementation. 

Here’s what you can expect: 


SETUP Start your project off on the right foot with a full team Kick-off. Facilitated by the WithoutWire EM/PC, this is a meeting of the full team – your crew and ours – to discuss the core components of the Implementation Process and how we’ll all work together to deliver your solution. Shortly after this Kick-off, you’ll be handed the keys to a base WithoutWire software test environment, along with some training, so you can spend time in the system in preparation for the second stage – SCOPE.


Scaling, Security, Monitoring with Microsoft Azure Cloud ​ 

Looking to see warehouse performance using Microsoft Azure? Contact us now! 

Whether you’re a small business, or a multi-national enterprise, we have the cutting-edge technology your organization needs. Azure provides a consistent, familiar, and stable environment on an unparalleled global scale that stretches across 30 regions worldwide to ensure top performance at all times. For example, Microsoft Azure enables the AccuWeather team to respond to 10 billion requests for crucial weather data per day. 


Equipped with the approved Process Document, the EM/PC turns on specified front-end configurations, and a Sr. Architect creates detail-level-designs of feature and integration configurations or customizations specific to your solution. Next, your WithoutWire Lead Developer gets to work: building out back-end and integration configurations or customizations, unit testing each back-end build, and working closely with your ERP subject matter expert in full, cross-system integration testing. In parallel to the build effort, your WithoutWire EM/PC ensures a complete test case suite – tailored to your solution – is written and checked by QA in preparation for the next stage – UAT.


The build is complete. Now you get to put your solution to the test – User Acceptance Testing. Gather up your SMEs, System Admins, and End Users for full system training and focused end-to-end testing. Your internal team will walk through the solution like it’s a normal day in your warehouse, or out in the field. But make sure to test out some of those not-so-common edge cases too! Your WithoutWire team will be on this first ride with you, addressing questions or issues to ensure all systems are ready for Go. Finally, a signed testing suite and validated Go Decision will trigger the pre-Go Live work for the Lead Developer. Then it’s off to the races in the final stage – LIVE.


Deployment of your solution into the live, production environment is done by your WithoutWire Lead Developer, and if needed a member of your IT team. Your WithoutWire EM/PC joins you at your location for Go-Live support, providing guidance and training as needed in real time. The EM/PC will also have a direct line to the Lead Developer while onsite, so any back-end or integration detail can be addressed seamlessly.

For the week following LIVE, you’ll maintain access to your WithoutWire team as part of Hyper-care. We want to make sure you’re comfortable across your workflows and processes in your new system, so we stick around to ensure you have a familiar person to turn to with questions.  
After that week, you’ll be introduced to our team of Software Support Specialists. With them, you’re in great hands whenever you need assistance. Your EM/PC becomes your account manager, so they’re always just an email or phone call away. 

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