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Retail & Consumer Goods: Driving Down Costs

Control and manage your entire inventory in real-time.

WithoutWire technology includes all the tools you need to visualize where your inventory opportunities and weaknesses exist. You can review operational efficiency in vendor shipments, enable high-speed picking, track who your most efficient pickers are, and determine where you should place scarce resources. 

  • Send pickers on the most optimal route throughout your warehouse but assigning routes.
  • Leverage zones to break your warehouse into similar products to allow pickers to focus on one product category.
  • Pick single orders or use wave sets to combine a group of orders into one pick.
  • Scan UPC barcodes to follow inventory from the moment it is received to the second it leaves your doors.
  • Improve operations, accuracy and efficiency throughout your process by ditching the pen and paper.
  • Toggle between multiple united of measure instantaneously to pick an item, a case, or pallet.
Prevent Inventory Loss with SKU Management

Accurately measure stock to avoid shortage or surplus.

Paper tracking and data entry is labor intensive and has higher margins of error. Allow technology to simplify the process and eliminate redundant work.

  • Utilize ABC cycle counts to keep an accurate track of inventory across stores and warehouse locations.
  • Leverage reverse stop routing to maximize dock space and efficiently load and unload deliveries.
  • Identify under or overstocked products leveraging our FIFO pick technology.
  • Automate replenishments using MIN/MAX values for fast moving products.
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Retail & Consumer Goods Require a Scalable Solution

Support your business growth strategy with real-time results.

You could say we’ve mastered the art of site transfers.  Site transfers come in many flavors.

  • Site transfers are generated by user/site requests, API integration, or replenishment requests.
  • Receive via single scan license plates or leverage the full receiving process.
  • Customize holds or allow for over receiving to never slow down your productivity.
  • Never lose site of inventory on the move by leveraging custom In-Transit sites.
  • Utilize wave sets to maximize productivity by picking multiple orders at the same time.
Purchase, Replenishment, Forecasting Capabilities

Prevent loss of sales with automated inventory management.

The concept behind license plates starts with the idea of a collection. If you can track a collection using a serialized identifier (license plate number), then you can use a single scan for movements and transactions against a collection of inventory. License plates (LPs) not only bring efficiency in movements and transactions, but in QA processing and traceability reporting.

  • Streamline operations on the floor by pre-printing and activating license plates for additional label options.
  • Place an item or a warehouse full of inventory on hold in seconds by leveraging Mass LP holds.
  • Group like products and shipments by using nested LPs.
  • Translate license plates into UCC128 data for ASN shipping.

Let's talk about how WithoutWire can help you rethink inventory.