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Inventory Management Solutions

For a highly regulated industry, managing food inventory is critical.

Save time and ensure compliance through automating and tracking holds in your manufacturing process. Whether it’s checking raw materials as they come in or pausing for a quality check on the way out, holds are quick, simple, and easy to apply to any process.
  • Apply automatic QA holds upon receiving components and other consumable items to verify quality prior to manufacturing.
  • No more forgetting expiration dates, hands-free Expiration hold application to ensure compliance and product quality.
  • Full License Plate hold and Lot specific hold compatibility.
  • Apply automatic Manufacture holds on finished goods to validate completion and ensure quality.
Track and Trace Products Throughout The Entire Process

Real-time Visibility and Traceability.

Food recalls are never easy but can be inevitable. Serialized, Expiration or Lot tracking of items can save you precious time in these unfortunate moments and arm you with the tools to track down your affected product quickly and efficiently.

  • Institute immediate holds on effected serials or lots with customizable Hold Reason Codes.
  • Locate bin locations with affected serials or lots using Recall reporting.
  • ​Identify Expired product or Lots using Expired Product reporting to mitigate risk.
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Improve Operations, Accuracy and Streamline with Kitting

Real-time data and inventory levels.

Optimize time and labor by ensuring necessary components are available at their point of use. Pre-sorted kits can optimize your food assembler’s time, where it would normally be spent searching for inventory, pulling parts, and logging usage. Kitting gives your plant manager and operation directors a real-time view into raw material needs, so action can be taken as required. 

  • Take your food or packaged goods bill of materials (BOM) from your ERP system and create one or more finished goods using raw material items in your manufacturing line and bin location.
  • Pre-print your license plates to limit workload while loading finished goods to staging.
  • Capture “catch weight” as an Item attribute, along with manufacture date, expiration or shelf life.
  • Empower your operational managers to make changes to kits on the fly when they discover they no longer need “X” component, and now need “Y”.
Quality Control and Assurance for the Food Industry

Tracking and dynamic reporting with Power BI.

Get and stay ahead of the curve with dynamic reporting and real-time tracking of your warehouse and manufacturing KPIs.

With a fully engrained Microsoft Power BI dashboard and access to dynamic Microsoft SQL Service Reporting Services (SSRS) connections, empower your operations managers and power users to dig deeper into all processes and flows.
  • Customize and filter real-time Power BI dashboard content to track picking activity, order completion, manufacturing job completions, and more!
  • Understand future outs based on downstream demand, analyze historical transactions, and identify upcoming expiration risk are all just the tip of the iceberg within the library of stock reports at your fingertips.
  • ​Take control of your data and tap into Power BI and SSRS to build out your own custom reporting services that suite your everyday business needs.

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