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Medical device manufacturer adapts inventory platform, boosts efficiency during pandemic
​With a 500% increase in demand, Reina Imaging credits partner WithoutWire in the successful increase in production + distribution of their FDA-compliant products.

Thank goodness we implemented WithoutWire when we did.

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About Reina Imaging

Founded in the 1980s by Leo Reina, Reina Imaging is a privately owned medical device accessory design and manufacturing company, whose customers are the largest OEM medical device manufacturers in the world. Starting as a Radilogical service company, Leo quickly realized the demand for protective casing for fragile and essential pieces of X-Ray machines. After developing a prototype, Leo and his sons grew the business to what it is today by staying ahead of the technological curve : “X Ray cassettes went from analog to digital sometime in the mid 90s, and we already had holders ready to go. As the technology changed in our industry, we changed with the technology.”. Their product lines expand outward towards veterinary imaging technology, as well as CT metrology.
As the business grew and technology advanced, so did the complexity of their products: “With bills of material around ten components, you could get away with managing the inventory manually, even though you’d spend a disproportionate amount of man hours doing so. When we started manufacturing devices with bills of material with 50 or 100 plus components, I found myself and the purchasing team always behind in terms of not knowing what to order, or when to order it. We were losing 10s of thousands of dollars of productivity per year just counting inventory.”

Choosing WithoutWire

In 2019 while launching an aggressive expansion, leadership decided to make a change to their Inventory Management. Reina wanted software that was digital, cloud-based, easy to use & access, that worked across devices and paired well with their current ERP system. A company-wide push for 21st-century technology led them towards WithoutWire’s easy scanning, enhanced security, accessibility, and connectivity: “I wanted to make sure that our licensure let anybody in the building have an account and check on the information that they need to do their jobs. Now, most of the employees in the warehouse and front office use WithoutWire regularly. We’re a medical device manufacturer that sells globally, so we’re heavily regulated. Our labels have very particular nuances. Since we implemented WithoutWire, the labels we produce work perfectly every single time.”
When asked about how they made their decision, Tony had this to say: “Our salesperson arranged for a tour of the Cooper’s Hawk Winery to see the system in action. I was so ridiculously impressed with how intuitive the software was and how few people were necessary to effectively manage the data. I got the assurances that I needed with that experience, and with that, we agreed to sign on.”.
With a global pandemic beginning, it was a rush to begin implementation in January 2020. Tony credits the WithoutWire development and support teams for the success of their launch: “Because I did get a lot of great one-on-one support from the WithoutWire team, we never had a stock out. We kept our customer base happy and because of that, they didn’t have any reason to go to our competition.”. Tony believes one of the biggest benefits to the Inventory Platform is consistent, ongoing, and knowledgeable support: “We had a minor crisis and I put the support team on task to come up with a solution. Something I thought was going to take a couple of days—they had it within a couple of hours…Every time there was a challenge, there was a solution—and it’s the solution I asked for.”.
Reina’s staff became comfortable with the technology very quickly and began to use the software in more and more applications: “As people got used to using it and they saw the benefits of it, they didn’t want to process things in the old systems. They want it all organized, streamlined, with prompts you through—they wanted the inventory managed well.” Now, Reina Imaging is seeing a boost in manufacturing efficiency and picking and generating $10k+ savings in data entry annually. During a global crisis, Reina Imaging successfully expanded in the face of product demand that could overwhelm manufacturing in any industry. Thanks to an enhanced business strategy and the Inventory Platform, Reina Imaging not only adapted to the 21st century of inventory management but kept the supply of crucial diagnostic equipment available during a pandemic.