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Saratoga Liquor Co. finds speedy implementation with inventory platform.
Interview with Saratoga Liquor
With a project deadline of just 90 days, WithoutWire and Saratoga partnered to implement a distribution solution that keeps them ahead of their competition.

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About Saratoga Liquor

Saratoga Liquor Company was founded in 1934 by G. Morley Smith in Superior Wisconsin. Following his father, G. Morley Smith Jr. was behind the company’s expansion until the early 1970’s when sons Mark, Bruce, and G. Morley Smith III took over for their father.
The Smith Family continues to own and operate the business as an independent wholesale distributor of Fine Wines and Spirits, serving 21 counties in Northwest Wisconsin. Saratoga prides itself on offering same-day deliveries as one of the main ways they can stay ahead of the competition, and they credit The Inventory Platform as a key player in keeping customer satisfaction high: “It’s a great wireless warehousing solution for accuracy and ease of use, and the quick turnaround of orders is essential when you’re trying to stay on top of all the new things in the liquor industry”.
As a premier distributor of liquor, Saratoga sees thousands of new SKUs a year, and expanded to a new 43,000 sq. ft. warehouse space. Logistically, they knew that they needed a solution for inventory management that could handle the large volumes of new products, and that would fit their project deadline of 90 days for a full rollout. The scope of the project was new to Saratoga, as they’ve never implemented a WMS before. When asked about what helped them make their decision, Steve, the company’s IT manager had this to say: “The wireless capability and wide variety of mobile technology available were certainly highlights, but we needed a system that made it easy to set up new bins + warehouses on the fly.” – Steven Smith, Manager, Information Technology.
After a quick decision-making period, Saratoga chose The Inventory Platform after their first meeting, after getting a chance to see it live in another client’s distribution operation. Working with a variety of ERP software in the past, The Inventory Platform was recommended based on the adaptability of the system, being able to work across existing Microsoft systems.
With a deadline of just under three months, the expedited training protocol was put into place, that had all necessary employees up and running within the new system. Steven describes the implementation process as “Straight-forward” and highlights the ability to use wave-set picking and split orders while loading trucks in reverse order as a key feature that’s been saving their drivers a great deal of time: “The nature of the app is very user-friendly…adding bins is as easy as excel sheets. “Where we used to write down every credit and bin transfer by hand, now we can be wireless and out there in front of the product.”