I started Appolis almost 15 years ago.  The idea around the name was “city of applications” [app] + [olis].  At that time mobile devices such as the PalmPilot and HP iPAQ were showing potential to maximize the power of the internet.  In the early days, we were building applications for construction site management, home inspection, data collection for auction sales, and of course inventory.  Today, we are recognizing a more focused view.  Inventory.  Inventory Sciences to be specific.  As you move through our web site, we hope you will sense the excitement that we have about solving inventory challenges for a wide variety of organizations.

Intelligent License Plates and State Machines

Intelligent License Plates Part 2

We start with the concept of a barcode. A barcode is almost magical if you think about it. A barcode can mean almost anything…literally. A barcode does not need to be long and packed with digits to make this statement true. For those familiar with database technology, a barcode can be compared to a primary key or index into a set of information. The larger the primary key, the larger the collection or set of referenced objects. The interesting idea around intelligent license plates is that the primary key can be comprised of both contextual information as well as the “Scanned” barcode. For example, lets say I scan a barcode “12345678”. I could add contextual information to this about who I am, what time it is, and what operation I am working on. Therefore, the primary key into a collection of objects, or in this example, workflows, could be represented as “TSMITH+PUTAWAY+06/25/2010+12345678” or more realistically the user name, operation, and date would be translated into integers and the primary key would become something like “0010+034+06252010+12345678” or “00100340625201012345678”. By extrapolating the context in which the scan occurred, we can now apply an additional layer of insight into what steps need to be taken or to put it simply, what workflow(s) need to be triggered. There are now 5 possible primary keys that we can use to allow the system to intelligently find automation steps. 1 for user, operation, date, barcode, and the combination of all 4 primary keys. The large primary key allows for storing data in a very sparce matrix. (A topic for future discussion…)

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Intelligent License Plates

I am publishing a technique for process automation, in hopes for cost savings to manufacturers in America and abroad. I believe that by implementing Intelligent License Plates, supply chain businesses will benefit and hopefully save on operating costs. Whether we want to believe it or not, a lot of people will buy the cheapest products that suit their taste. Period. We believe our technique will allow companies that run poorly in meeting a customer’s needs to utilize Intelligent License Plates.

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