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Using a bill of materials (BOM) from the ERP system, this process takes raw material items from a selected manufacturing bin location and combines them to create one or more finished goods onto a license plate.

This feature is found in the Inventory Operations Tab> Manufacturing>Kitting

  1. Select a manufacturing bin from the Select Location drop down box.
  2. Enter in the item number of the item to be created, and click the Go button.
  3. The item description will appear to confirm you are creating the correct product.
  4. If your item is not a basic item type, enter in your new lot number/serial/expiration date.  If your item is expiration date tracked, enter the new expiration date into the Exp. Date field.  If your item is serial tracked, enter the serial number into the Serial field (max qty of 1).
  5. Enter in the quantity to create on a single license plate in the Qty to Create field.

Kit creation
6. Click the Go button to reveal the bill of materials needed to create this finished good .
7. The BOM shown in the image below, shows the three raw materials needed to create the finished good.
A closer look at this screen will reveal the quantity needed to create the finished good, the quantity available of the raw material for a particular item within the manufacturing bin as well as the quantity used when the finished good is created. A discrepancy between quantity needed versus quantity used is an issue.

A GREEN box will appear around any item that has enough inventory available in the manufacturing bin.
A RED box will appear around any item that does not have enough inventory to create the finished good.
Kit Components 8. To complete the finished good, either Bin Transfer product into the manufacturing bin or substitute another raw material for the missing item. A finished cannot be created until all boxes appear green.
9. If it is configured on your system, there is the ability to substitute another item or lot available.
10. Once all quantities are available and all boxes are Green , select a printer from the drop down box, enter the number of copies of the license plate you need and click on Create Kits
11. A license plate will print for this finished good and your screen will refresh, and a message will appear at the top that says the kit was successful.

NOTE: The option to allow manufacturing bins to run negative and create a finished good, even though there is no inventory, is available with a configuration. Contact appolis for more information.
12. The counter located to the right of the cancel button will count how many license plates you have created since starting the finished good. When you change the finished good lot number being created , the counter will reset.

13. At this point there is the option to continue and create the same finished good.
14. To duplicate the item:

  • Reapply any substitution of an item.
  • Ensure all boxes are Green
  • Confirm the correct printer is selected
  • Click on Create Kits

15. To change to a new finished good item:

  • Click on Cancel.
  • Start over from Step One.