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When it comes to the job of the field tech, the last thing you want to do is add more steps when there are already too many.  Technology is supposed to enable the field tech, not prevent them from best servicing the job ticket. Learn more about Field Service Inventory Management from WithoutWire! 
That why we look at the day in the life of a field service technician to understand the science of straddling the line between real-time inventory and augmenting the workers job.

In the case of inventory management, WithoutWire’s inventory science is about balancing the needs of the business and their workforce. The results show in the reaction people have when they see our product at work and realize how it’s going to revolutionize their business.

Let’s look at a day in the life of a field service technician to understand the value of WoW’s inventory science system.

Loading the Truck
Typically, a field service technician starts the day by checking scheduled jobs and loading the truck with the products, parts and tools that will be required for each appointment. The field tech may get inventory from any number of places – warehouses, deliveries, closet stock locations, customer staging locations, even from other techs. Already, even before the tech hits the road, what may seem like a simple task is actually complex, since each item must be decremented from each location and added to the truck inventory.

WithoutWire’s single scan site transfers makes these site movements a breeze. Using any iOS or Android mobile device, field service technicians can keep their inventory updated so everyone in the ecosystem can view their parts inventory.

If a field tech needs parts, he can access the Request Inventory button and we generate site transfers to be picked and staged by the distribution center, fellow tech, or third party vendor.

On the Road
Our friendly field tech will be making many stops throughout the day. At each stop the tech will be decrementing the truck inventory based on the items used at each location. But it’s not quite as simple as that. Because along the way, the tech may also be picking up defective parts that have to be returned to their original locations and appropriately accounted for.  Whether its serialized parts or QA holds apply, the science of balancing the needs of the business and the field tech is a big part of WithoutWire.

All of the necessary information necessary to complete these tasks is on the tech’s mobile device. Just scan and go, scan and proceed. In a field service environment, WithoutWire (WoW) offers the height of efficiency. WithoutWire is without equal.

“Home” at Last
At the end of a long day, every item the tech has handled, going out and coming in, is accounted for on the WithoutWire system. No calls need to be made. No emails need to be sent. The entire process from dawn to dusk is streamlined and simplified because it is fully automated.

A typical process to move parts from a warehouse to a tech – and back again – can see a 77% reduction in barcode scans using WithoutWire optimizations.

Techs can report consumed and damaged parts, track returns and transfers, and improve overall visibility into their job. Customers receive accurate visibility into serial/lot numbers using built in validation. The use of mobile devices improves accuracy, tracking, and real-time visibility into even the most complex field service jobs. WOW!

Without a moment to spare, it’s time you learned what we can do for you.
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