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Features for WithoutWire V9

WithoutWire Version 9 continues to build on our unique warehouse management system.  We provide our customers and prospects the ability to create their own system in minutes, not days, not weeks, not months.  This feature list is inclusive of all features up to the point of our newest 9.5 release.

Many of our enhancements build on our platform to help medical and pharmaceutical companies meet compliance and regulatory requirements around traceability.  In addition, manufacturing is now front and center on iOS and Android apps.

Great User Experience

We are spending a lot of effort in making the application more usable and allowing customers to manage their own accounts.

  • Product Support Chat Service (mobile & web console) – Support is as simple as clicking a button.  We’ve added the ability to have real-time chats with WithoutWire product support team or your own internal support desk.
  • Self-Sign Up – Now for the first time, users can create their own WithoutWire system by downloading WithoutWire from Google Play, Apple iTunes, Amazon App Store, or the Zebra App Gallery.  We now have the fastest and easiest on-boarding process in the industry!
  • Getting Started Wizard – Once you’ve signed up, we lead you as the account owner through the process of getting setup on their system to either evaluate the application or go-live with a physical inventory process.
  • New Knowledgebase – We’ve updated the knowledge base to help all the team members learn on their own.
  • PayPal Integration – Now account owners can pay for their transaction usage directly from their app making payments easier.  We also have included a transaction alert system that keeps you up to date on where you are with your transaction counts.
  • Zebra TC8000 – built on Android is now certified and supported.
  • Office 365 Outlook Order Lookup Add-in – Your users can view transactions pending for customers or techs right from within Outlook.  Customer service immediately sets up to 10 of the last orders for customer or tech emails that flow in
  • Support is Now Integrated – Integrated support site into the core product for instant access from the WithoutWire web console.
  • Self-service for Site Creation – We now have the ability for customers to add their own warehouse or tech sites from the web console.
  • Microsoft Power BI Integration – We’ve added new and improved visibility into the warehouse operation using Microsoft Power BI.  We’ve also added a new Staff dashboard to track productivity during picking, receiving, and put away.
  • Customize your own Power BI Dashboards – We’ve added ability for clients to customize existing power BI dashboards, or to create entirely new ones using web console dashboard management tool.
  • Easy Site Switching – Now users can easily switch between inventory sites from the mobile devices as well as the web console.
  • Email Notifications – We have added over 5 different event triggers which will generate email to either the account owner, or team members depending on the event.  These alerts help insure that the whole team is working together.
  • Complete UI Facelift – We redesigned the web console and mobile screens to improve usability.
  • Available from Google Play, Apple iTunes, Amazon App Store, and Zebra App Gallery

New Inventory Features

  • Introducing Custom Attributes for Inventory – Now customers can extend their data collection activities to include fields that are beyond the standard.  Attributes can be added to basic, serial tracked items, lot tracked items, and date tracked items.
  • Rapid Entry for Serial Tracking – This is a big improvement in entering serial numbers.  We’ve cut out 66% of the steps when receiving and picking serial tracked items.
  • Self-service for Site Creation – We now have the ability for customers to add their own warehouse or tech sites from the web console.
  • Self-service for Zone Creation – We have provided certain user roles the ability to create new zones.
  • Ability to Pick and Receive in alternate UOM’s – Now users can receive and pick in a unit of measure that differs from the inbound or outbound request.
  • Physical Inventory available on iOS and Android devices
  • New Configuration available to “Auto Create a Wave Set”. 

This is basically used for companies that wish to do a two-step pick automatically for incoming pick requests.  This will create 1 wave pick per order.  This configuration can be applied to 1 or more order types.

  • Add new Items from iOS and Android – for companies that need the ability to add inventory items for the first time, we now can allow secure access to add new items with inventory.
  • New Shipping Icon on Mobile Application – for companies that want to stage and then ship orders, they can now access and process these orders through the new Ship icon on the mobile application.
  • Cross-Site Moves – Users are now granted the option to efficiently move inventory from one site to another without the call for a Transfer Order through the web console.
  • Date Formats – Expiration tracked items can now be entered into the system in the following formats: Standard, Julian, and GS1.

New Field Service Features

  • Consumption and Refurbish/Write Off – Often times field techs and manufacturing operators need to dynamically determine which inventory quantities and items are needed at the time of a transaction.  In scenarios where “pre-planned” doesn’t work, these two new mobile features are easy to use and can quickly record transactions related to field service jobs or manufacturing jobs.
  • Signature Capture – For client and staff sign off.

Jobs – Ability to capture Customer signature at the time of consumption on mobile device against Jobs.  View captured signatures on web console pick requests & returns page.
Receiving – Capture driver and receiver signature on mobile device.  View captured signatures on web PO console.
Shipping – Capture picker and driver signature on mobile device. View captured signatures on web console pick requests & returns page.

  • Job Notes (mobile) – Now you can add notes, comments and instructions to the Field Service worker regarding a job, work order or service ticket.
  • Request Inventory – This handy new feature allows for a field tech to quickly and easily select items they wish to acquire from a desired Warehouse, creating a transfer order to their remote site.

New Manufacturing Features

  • Full Manufacturing Features on iOS and Android – Now users can manufacture finished good on the fly using jobless manufacturing or execute manufacturing jobs by activating license plates.
  • License Plate Operations – along with manufacturing functions we have also added:

Place/Remove Manufacturing Holds
License Plate Details
License Plate Removal

  • Manufacturing and Bill of Material API – Now you can integrate manufacturing systems to our core inventory functions through RESTful API’s

Security and Scalability

We have added enterprise level security built on Microsoft so we can provide our customers the best security assurance available.  V9 also is completely built upon Microsoft Azure technologies for incredible scalability.   Now we can scale to support large enterprises as well as large numbers of small customers by leveraging Microsoft Azure services such as Elastic Database Pools and Database Sharding.

  • Azure AD B2C or On-Premise AD integration – Eases concerns on security.  Along with our SSL encryption, this gives our application a checkbox for Sarbanes Oxley Compliance and other certifications such as SAS 70.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) – Using Azure App Services, the application can scale out on-demand.
  • Deep Data Analytics on User Activity – We have integrated into Azure Mobile Engagement to help us improve the user experience as well as track errors as they occur.

New Integration

  • New API’s – We’ve added a whole host of new RESTful API’s for more integrated system needs around custom attributes, manufacturing, field service, and distribution.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Renamed navigation on the web console from “Sales Order” to Pick Requests & Returns on all applicable pages to better represent the capability.
  • We’ve added the ability to exit setup wizard mid-process and sign in to different site.
  • A configuration has been added that requires an existing job number during consumption on the mobile device.
  • Users can now change UOM on move page during receiving on the mobile device.
  • Added ability to configure item barcode types on configuration settings web page.
  • Added PDF display for LP barcode labels during manufacturing on the web console.
  • Improvements to the types of Holds Items and LPs can be placed on, as well as the option for users to create their own reason codes for these holds through the web console.