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WithoutWire Inventory Sciences and Pacejet extend their partnership to complete an end-to-end cloud and on-premise mobile enabled end-to-end supply chain solution!

October 10, 2017
: #MYSDYNGP #GPUGSUMMIT Nashville, TN. Minneapolis, MN based, WithoutWire Inventory Sciences and Columbus, OH based, Pacejet are pleased to announce an exciting extension to supply chain visibility for on-premise and cloud Distribution and Manufacturing Clients!
“End-to-end supply chain traceability is critical to our WithoutWire Clients,” states Travis Smith, CTO of WithoutWire, “with Pacejet and WithoutWire, our Clients are able to maintain visibility beyond staging. Rate shopping, carrier selection, and shipment tracking information is now enabled through WithoutWire WMS and Pacejet as an end-to-end solution! I hope that you will visit us at the Microsoft GPUG and NAVUG Summit in Nashville – booth #957 October 10 – 13th!”

According to Kurt Peterson, Director of Sales at Pacejet, “our partnership with WithoutWire allows the simplest, most intuitive experience for shipping via mobile automation. Customers demand affordable shipping, by the best carrier methods, and require real-time tracking of their packages. Our partnership with WithoutWire enables a WMS shipping experience that is best-of-breed!” It has been a successful WithoutWire and PaceJet Shipping Integration.

About Pacejet
Pacejet helps you put the science of shipping to work for you. With Pacejet enterprise shipping software, you get the right shipments to the right places more quickly, easily, and cost effectively than ever before. This starts with a best-in-class cloud-based solution, surrounding it with the consultative support that enables customers to thrive in the 21st century shipping economy.

For more information on Pacejet shipping software for Microsoft Dynamics customers visit
http://pacejet.com/dynamics or to learn about everything Pacejet has to offer visit http://pacejet.com, call 877-722-3538, or email [email protected].

About WithoutWire
WithoutWireTM Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) provides efficient inventory and process optimization for distribution and manufacturing organizations looking for more robust lot tracked traceability of inventory. WithoutWire provides control to the movement and storage of materials received into, moved within, and shipped out of your warehouse. WithoutWire Warehouse tracks the process associated with transactions, and provides real-time web-based visibility of your inventory. WithoutWire will increase productivity and customer satisfaction, while reducing costs and order fulfillment times to allow optimal decision making.