Put your organization in a place of strategic advantage.  Nimble, smart, and technically advanced inventory management and WMS solutions.

Inventory Management Solutions for Beverage & Wine & Spirits

WithoutWire has serviced beverage companies with its inventory system and WMS solutions since 2004.  Key features Include:

  • Embedded Microsoft Power BI for data analytics on performance of your operation.
  • Route Management and order delivery date automation based on holidays and route stops.
  • Truck staging and load planning for pre-planning picks.
  • Multiple UOM support for case and pallet pick efficiency.
  • ASN and EDI support.

Inventory Management Solutions for Bio-Medical and Pharmaceutical

Our medical device, bio-medical, and pharmaceutical customers trust WithoutWire to meet strict compliance requirements and at the same time bring unique techniques to optimize the labor that often can balloon when adding additional traceability levels.

Traceability and compliance audits are a necessary process.  WithoutWire provides the confidence that if a recall does occur, we can pinpoint the concern quickly.

Inventory Management Solutions for Animal Feed

A critical component to production of animal feed is lot traceability. Feed inventory management is complex when tracking bulk, micro and hand-added raw materials through mixing according to precise formulas. Key features include:

  • Inbound receiving, digitally, capturing item, lot, qty, expiration, UoM and COO and/or CoA.
  • QA inspection, damage control, attribute capture at the item level through the power of mobile.
  • Real-time reporting globally and by site.
  • Digital Recall protection, 3 steps in 3 minutes.
  • All with a powerful, but simple mobile interface.


Inventory Management Solutions for Oil & Chemical

Chemicals and other liquids bring unique challenges to inventory management. WithoutWire’s WMS solutions key features include:

  •  Variety of license plate and certificate of authentication labels for HAZ-MAT materials.
  • On the fly unit of measure conversions from KG to LBS.
  • Over receiving and over picking in multiple units of measure is base in WithoutWire.

Inventory Management Solutions for Retail & Consumer Goods

Implementations of field service often lack appropriate attention to inventory management.  The strategic movement of parts is critical to both customer satisfaction and keeping operational costs at bay.  Whether you need to find a part quickly in the field, or automatically create replenishment picks for mass delivery to the field, inventory visibility is where great functionality starts.

While deep functionality is key, it means nothing if techs don’t use the apps.  That’s where user experience comes in.  We designed our UI with the help of interface experts.  Techs love the ease of use so they can get to the task at hand.

Inventory Management Solutions for Food

Getting the right raw materials at the right time optimizes labor.  To help you address this, we support a variety of techniques to replenish manufacturing or job sites.

Traceability and recalls are a necessary process in today’s supply chain.  WithoutWire provides the confidence that if a recall does occur, we can pinpoint the problem quickly.  We include a variety of methods to help you support lot traceability and serial tracking, and at the same time keep labor costs at a minimum.