I started Appolis almost 15 years ago.  The idea around the name was “city of applications” [app] + [olis].  At that time mobile devices such as the PalmPilot and HP iPAQ were showing potential to maximize the power of the internet.  In the early days, we were building applications for construction site management, home inspection, data collection for auction sales, and of course inventory.  Today, we are recognizing a more focused view.  Inventory.  Inventory Sciences to be specific.  As you move through our web site, we hope you will sense the excitement that we have about solving inventory challenges for a wide variety of organizations.

Finally! Business Intelligence to Support Your Supply Chain

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Microsoft Azure + Power BI + SQL Reporting = A Match Made in Inventory System Heaven

It’s not a mathematical equation, but it is an equation for outstanding inventory management. Three elements which, when added to WithoutWire’s already powerful, state-of-the-art inventory management solution, triple the benefits to be gained.
Built on Microsoft technologies, our affordable cloud subscription leverages Microsoft Azure and its integration to Active Directory for scalability and security, to bring you the data analytics embedded in Microsoft Power BI and SQL Reporting Services.

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What do Amazon, Uber and Airbnb have in common?

On the face of it, not a lot. One is an online retailer. One is a ride service. And one is a matchmaker between travelers and cool places to stay. Putting those differences aside, we find that what they have in common is a business model that we would all love to... read more
Are You Ready to be Happy and Carefree?

Are You Ready to be Happy and Carefree?

I don’t read business magazines that often, but yesterday I read a few articles that compelled me to write about. It reminded me of the company I started long ago; Appolis. Appolis is not a super successful company. We are successful to be sure, but a few Harvard Business Review articles reminded my why I remain optimist. We are good at survival. The company recently turned 13 years old and despite our failures, we seem to be very good at attaining a great degree of success in part because we make creative products and we are good at converting failure to success.

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Observations on the Future of Manufacturing

I recently visited a manufacturer that is growing at an incredible pace. The kind of pace that I observed in the reverse manufacturing market.

Side note: Another more recognizable term for reverse manufacturing is refurbishing or repurposing. These businesses buy broken or used stuff for pennies on the dollar, and either fix or disassemble for parts. Great business model!

My visit today reminded me of the 3D printing movement. One of the most revolutionary aspects of 3D printing is its ability to economically produce 1 offs. Rare and unique parts or in the realm of consumerization; unique value when it’s pinpointed to the right buyer.

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